Lovelyeating is a quest to explore the gastronomic world from different perspectives.
It is a stew that has been cooking slowly and, like the best stews, it is made using many different ingredients.
How are sociology, economics, high end gastronomy, nutrition, arts and even law related?
For me, the food world is where all of this knowledge collides.
Food is my biggest passion and this is the place where I want to share the things I learn.
Lovelyeating are the smells and tastes on which I grew up. The different cultures I have come to learn and develop in myself. It is part of the richness of the world and also its contradictions.
Discover with me all the diverse layers that the food world has to offer!

My services

Foodstyling, video & photography

  • Food styling
  • Food photography
  • Food, corporate, educational video

Classes & workshops

  • Cooking classes
  • Art & food Workshops
  • Events and caterings
  • Showcookings y presentaciones

Marketing & communication

  • Copywritting
  • Social media elements
  • Social media. Blog and Web
  • Strategic communications

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People I collaborate with

Artist and jeweler with a very organic point of view




Zerowaste pop-up  events and caterings




Fotografía de moda y gastronomía

Photography with a particular point of view, a bit acid, and refreshing.



Serveis de transformació digital



Comunicació digital