My Culinarium

Who am I?

I am Idania and food has always been my passion, sometimes, I must confess, almost an obsession. Food connects me to my family, to my loved ones, to special places and moments, transports me to distant worlds, and makes me dream.

Food is beautiful and amazing, with an incredible variety of colors and flavors that nature offers us. Who has not admired the amazing fuchsia of a Pitahaya or the seductive colors of red berries? It has given us so much to explore and enjoy …

It is such a visceral subject that it should not be at all superficial, I love food so much that I am interested in everything, absolutely everything that has to do with it. I am interested in knowing that the peasants who cultivate are respected and live in good conditions, I suffer thinking of those who do not have access and I am an inveterate idealist in that one day, with much effort, we will achieve a more just world in which all human beings we can eat rich, healthy and share wonderful recipes

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Mi experiencia

Cooking is in my blood, I have always enjoyed spending time on the stove.

I studied the professional cooking course at the ESHOB (Escola d’Hostelería de Barcelona) and I did an internship at the Dos Palillos restaurant with Japanese fusion food that has a Michelin star.

I have carried out some studies in sociology and law, at the University of Barcelona and the Open University of Catalonia respectively. And I have a Nutrition and Dietetics course at the UOC. I never stop learning, I am fascinated by all types of kitchens. Since 2007 I have been dedicated to communication, and since 2017 to communication in the field of gastronomy.