At what point does fusion food become an insult to the cuisine of a country?

The delicate (or not so delicate) line between being a fusion food or a national insult is continuously surpassed without any regard. Italians, Mexicans, and Asians could not take it anymore and we joined on social media groups to share our culinary frustrations.

1- Frozen Korean tacos, with chipotle mayo and soy…

2- The casserole that doesn’t know if it’s lasagna or an enchilada

3- An Italian-German dish, carbohydrates multiplied by 3


4- A Korean Alfredo accompanied by mussels

5- ‘Cause carbonara has no limits!

6- Korean tacos are so IN

7- Why choose between quesadillas or pizza for dinner?

I had already posted this, when I ran into the 8th item of this list:

How to avoid being ridiculed on social networks?

1- Avoid naming an invented or inspired dish of “traditional”. I’ve seen it a thousand and one times with the carbonara. There are a thousand “carbonara” recipes, most of which include cream or, some even mushrooms, and parsley. These are ingredients completely banned in the original recipe, which consists only of guanciale, pecorino, and eggs. And the truth is that some of these dishes are not bad, but they would be different pasta dishes, not “carbonara” which is a dish that has very specific ingredients.

2- Take care that the ingredients you use are as faithful as possible to the dish you are trying to reproduce. If you can’t find them, do something else, or at least apologize in the description.